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Verona Events: Opera - Cocerts - Festivals

Verona offers not only beautiful sights, monuments, museums, art and history. Verona is famous all over the world also for its opera festival held every year at the Arena, the 2000 years old Roman amphitheater.
At the Roman theater (1st Century B.C.), in a breathtaking surroundings in front of the river Adige, takes place the Verona Summer Festival, with Shakespeare's plays, the Jazz Festival and the Ballet Season.
In Summer, various courtyards and square in the old town become stages for all sorts of performances.
Beside these main events, in every season of the year you will find in Verona concerts, exibitions, festivals and venues of all kind.
With its beautiful surroundings Verona and it province can also become the setting of your very special venue, such as a wedding, an incentive tour, a birthday party to celebrate with your family and friends.

With their deep knowledge of Verona territory, restaurants, wineries, clubs, facilities, Tourist Guides of Verona can suggest you the right place or the right event for any occasion or can even help you organizing your very special holiday in Verona. It can be just one night, a week end or even an entire month.

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