Tourist Guides Verona
Who we are and what we do

Our Verona Tourist Guide Association gathers highly qualified professional figures, all with regular authorization obtained after passing the old, difficult regional and provincial qualification exam.
The tourist guides of Verona are all animated by a great passion for art, history, culture of the territory and thanks to their long experience they have accumulated a considerable wealth of skills, first of all the linguistic ones. In fact, they are able to provide their services in the main European and some non-European languages. In the association there are also tourist guides in Japanese, Russian, etc..
Each has experience abroad in a wide variety of fields so, together with their linguistic knowledge, our guides have a deep cultural knowledge that makes them privileged mediators able to communicate history, art, culture, Italian and Veronese tradition to visitors who come to our wonderful city from all over the world.

Professional Qualification

Each tourist guide of Verona is equipped with a special identification card, issued by the Province, on which are reported the data, the photo, the languages spoken. With the latest legislative changes, the activity of tourist guides has become more complex and often confused. Unfortunately, this has not always guaranteed the quality and preparation of this professional figure. The old licence obtained with the regional or provincial professional qualification exam is, in spite of everything, still a guarantee of preparation and quality. Do not give up for a few euros save the pleasure of an experienced tourist guide who knows how to offer you the best of Verona and its province, telling you the art, history, legends and curiosities of a territory in an exciting and exciting, with clarity, sympathy, kindness and helpfulness. Your experience of the city of Verona will be something unforgettable.