Verona Sightseeing Tours

All sightseeing tours presented by Verona Tourist Guides Association last maximum 2 hours ½ (half-day tour) or 5 hours (full-day tour). We have a variety of half day tours that can give you a general idea of what Verona has to offer (panoramic, classic tour or walking tour). You can also customize your Verona tour depending on the aspects of the city you are interested in (Roman Verona, Middle Age, Churches Tours, Museums Tours, Wine Tasting Itineraries and much more).
We also offer many tours in the Province of Verona so you can discover the countryside, our hills and mountains, lake Garda and the plains south of the city. In certain periods of the year we can program special tours such as olive oil or wine tasting tours, and if you have more ideas let us know: we will be happy to arrange a special tour for you. If you do not have much time to spend in Verona but you want to see the most beautiful landmarks of the city, we recommend to hire our professional tour guides for a Panoramic or a Classic Tour or even the walking or bike tour.

Classic Verona City Sightseeing Tour (by coach & on foot)

The tour starts with a panoramic drive along the river Adige and up the hills overlooking Verona. The coach stops at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria of Lourdes from where a breathtaking view over Verona from above can be admired. The tour with the coach than continues along the river. On the way some of the most beautiful monuments of Verona can be seen: the Roman Bridge, the Roman Theater and the monumental 16th century walls and gates. After leaving the bus the sightseeing itineray of Verona is followed by a relaxing walk through Verona squares and monuments: Piazza delle Erbe (the old Roman center and now Market Square), Piazza dei Signori (the political center in middle age Verona), and finally Piazza Bra with the Arena, the Roman amphitheater. Of course Juliet's house and Romeo's house are part of the tour. The tour is ideal for groups coming to Verona with their own coach.

Historical Tours

Beside the general sightseeing tour of Verona, other historical tours are also available for those willing to deepen their knowledge of specific historical periods of Verona through its ruins, monuments, churches, sculptures and paintings. The available tours are: Roman Verona, Verona in the Middle Age and under the rule of the Della Scala Family, Venetian Verona and Austrian Verona. Romeo and Juliet's Tour With an half-day romantic walking tour discover the places of Verona related to the legend of Romeo and Juliet. The sightseeing itinery will take you to Juliet’s tomb, where the tragical death of Romeo and Juliet supposedly had its end and through Verona’s streets and squares involved in Shakespeare's tragedy: Romeo's house, the place of Romeo and Tybalt's duel and much more. Final stop at the famous balcony in Juliet's house.

Private Walking Sightseeing Tours

We start in Piazza Bra, where the Arena is and then continue to Piazza delle Erbe, the Market Square, Piazza dei Signori. With this tour you have plenty of time to admire the many monuments , the inside courtyards, the beautiful buildings and also the hidden spots and streets of Verona. Juliet’s house is naturally on the program! Bicycle Tour If you want some different and spectacular views of Verona from the riverside and you have a bike you cannot miss this tour! We start from Piazza Bra and cycle to Castelvecchio and then towards the Basilica of San Zeno. Following the river Adige we will admire some of the most beautiful landmarks of Verona and enjoy the fabulous views of the city. We continue further along the river. For small group bycicle can be provided.


The countryside of Verona is enchanting. Valpolicella is famous because of its vineyards and wine, but also because of its aristocratic villas, its Romanesque churches and its stone and marble quarries. We will take you to one of these country villas to admire the architecture and landscape and you can also taste the different wines from this area.


A small but beautiful medieval village near Verona, which absolutely deserves a visit. The wine with the same name is produced here. Behind the village, on a rocky outcrop, a medieval fortress controls the countryside. Visit this castle in order to experience how lords and simple soldiers inside its thick walls lived in the midle age.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and has a Mediterranean climate. Vineyards, olive groves and lemon trees grow here. The wines and olive oil produced here are excellent. Beautiful small villages are spread out along the coast: Bardolino, Garda, Brenzone, Malcesine, Torri del Benaco, just to mention some of them. The medieval castles, the Romanesque churches, the small harbours filled with coloured fishing boats and a variety of flowers and trees will enchant you. The Rice Road Tours In the Veronese Lowlands south-east of Verona, rice is almost more common than pasta. Rice started being grown here between the 16th and 17th century and the Vialone Nano Rice is still grown and is the only rice type that has received the European I.G.P. certificate: Indication of Protected Geographic Area. If you want to experience history, art and the unique food of this part of the Verona territory you have to take the Rice Road Tour! You will visit rice factories, beautiful villas, Romanesque churches and medieval fortress. To complete the tour, a tasting of traditional rice dishes (risotti) in one of the many restaurants of the area.

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