Valpolicella Wine Hiking

All the mountains of Verona, including Valpolicella, are characterized by the presence of well-marked trails of various lengths and degrees of difficulty that allow to safely hike and walk.
In the area of production of Valpolicella and Amarone wines there are more than 200 wineries, evenly spread over the territory, from the valley bottom to the top of the highest mountains. It is therefore possible to combine naturalistic and cultural hikings with the winemaking tradition of the area through routes that include several stops at ancient Romanesque churches, villas and wineries to taste the wines of Valpolicella. Routes can be downhill or uphill, depending on the physical condition and training of the participants.

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Valpolicella Land and Lanscapes

The territory of Valpolicella consists of high hills interspersed with valleys at the bottom of which there is often a stream of seasonal torrential character. Where the slopes are particularly steep, the solid limestone of which the whole area is made of is exposed with its peculiar red shades. Where they are more gentle, vineyards terraced with the typical herringbone pattern wall made of slabs of rough limestone (marogna) alternate with olive groves, some cherry trees and cypress trees that make the landscape very idyllic. Large areas of woodland with oaks, maples, hornbeams, have been preserved both on the slopes and at the bottom of the valleys.

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