Verona Mystery Tour

An ancient city like Verona is inevitably rich in mysteries and noir tales that have as their protagonists both historical and legendary figures.
As tourist guides of Verona we have prepared an exciting itinerary through crimes, betrayals, revenge, mysteries and unsolved crimes that winds through the streets, squares, monuments and hidden corners of the city.

Dark Ages

The early centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire is certainly the period that offers more sources of inspiration for an dark itinerary of the city of Verona, from the legend of the "infernal hunt" that surrounds the mysterious disappearance of King Theoderic, to the revenge of Queen Rosmunda, forced by her husband Alboin, lord of the Lombards, to toast drinking from a cup made with the skull of her father killed in battle by her husband. The tomb of Alboin, with its precious treasures, is still waiting to be discovered on the slopes of St. Peter's Hill, where the fabulous palace of Theoderic the Great stood.
And then the exorcisms of San Zeno, the mysterious stories of the Capitolare, the oldest library in the world. Will you be able to solve the riddle of Verona, the oldest example of Italian vernacular writing? Who has noted it on the margin of an ancient parchment prayer book arrived in Verona among a thousand vicissitudes, and why? Is there, hidden in some recondite corner of a book shelf, a manuscript by Dante Alighieri?
Who was the Knight Templar buried in the crypt of San Fermo church, whose sarcophagus was recently discovered? Did he know the secret place where the Holy Grail was hidden? Perhaps in the church od San Giorgio di Valpolicella, where mysterious cups are painted on the frescoed walls?

Scala Family Feuds

And then the events of the Scaligeri, lords of Verona, who seem to come directly out of a tragedy by William Shakespeare, where the protagonists entangled into a destructive spiral in their obsession with power. Mastiff I stabbed for private vengeance in front of the house, Cangrande mysteriously poisoned, Mastiff II who personally stabbed to death his cousin, the bishop of Verona with his sword, Cansignorio who sent his killer to murder one of his two brothers and strangled the other with his own hands to be the only lord of the city. One cannot help but shivering in front of their monumental Gothic mausoleums, the Arche Scaligere, while listening to their stories.

These are just some of the ideas of this fascinating itinerary through the stories, mysteries and crimes of Verona.

Duration and Itinerary

The duration of the itinerary "Crimes and mysteries in Verona" is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The route is free of major architectural barriers.

Suitable to all, adults and children.

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