Verona Region

The region of Verona is a treasure chest full of history, art, culture and gastronomic treasures. Inhabited since prehistoric ages, the region around Verona offers a large number of testimonies of the various historical eras: the Roman age, with the remains of villas, ancient roads, temples, the Middle Ages, with the numerous castles of the Scala family era scattered throughout the territory of Verona and the suggestive Romanesque churches, the Renaissance, with splendid examples of Venetian villas, and the Risorgimento (Italy independence movement), with its many forts from the Austrian domination era.
Verona is also famous for its wine countries, such as the well known Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino.
The mountains around Verona are ideal for hiking and to the west, Lake Garda is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. The tourist guides of Verona offer you a series of tourist itineraries to discover the province of Verona and all it has to offer.


Ask the tour guides of Verona region and lake Garda to organize an exclusive guided tour for you or just for information:

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, and one of its main tourist destinations, appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Its eastern coast is only half an hour's drive from Verona.
Lake Garda is an ideal destination for guided tours and tourist excursions of half a day, a full day or more days, focusing on its many aspects and themes. The historical-artistic ones, with the numerous remains of Roman villas, medieval churches, Scala family castles and the places of the Risorgimento (Italian Independence movement) battles. Food and wine, with Garda wines (Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza), extra virgin olive oil, typical cuisine. The naturalistic excursions by boat, the walks and the excursions by bicycle on the pleasant hills that surround the lake.
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Valpolicella and Lessini Mountains

In the hilly area to the north, between the city of Verona and the Adige river valley, there is one of the most famous and ancient wine countries in Italy: the Valpolicella. The sweet Recioto has been produced since Roman times and the famous Amarone since the 1930s, made with a special process of drying the grapes that develop a unique aroma and structure.
There are many wineries, also famous internationally, where you can take guided tours and tasting of local wine and products.
In addition to wine, Valpolicella also offers many ideas for historical and artistic visits thanks to the extraordinary remains of prehistoric settlements, the ruins of villas and temples of Roman times, picturesque medieval churches and sumptuous Renaissance villas.
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Eastern Region

To the east of Verona, Soave and its territory are another great destination for a guided tour. In particular, the Scala family Castle, beautifully restored at the end of the 19th century, offers the possibility of fantasizing about the harsh and fascinating life of the medieval knights and the population of a fortified medieval village.
But Soave is also famous for the white wine that is produced there, appreciated throughout the world. A visit with tasting in one of the many cellars of Soave will be the perfect complement to a visit to discover this beautiful territory.
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All the itineraries proposed by the tourist guides of the province of Verona are actually ideas available to organized groups or individual visitors, to structure a personalized tour that meets their interests and needs. Our tour guides offer their expertise and professionalism to make your day in the Verona area an unforgettable experience.

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