Verona Monuments

Why visit Verona? Verona is the city of love: Shakespeare set in Verona the most famous love story ever written. You can still admire the houses of the Montecchi and Capuleti families and learn about the historical background of this tragedy. Verona is the city of Opera: the most famous open air Opera festival takes place every summer in the Arena, the roman amphitheater. The works by Verdi (for example Aida) and other famous composers (Puccini, Bizet amongst others) are performed in front of 15.000 opera lovers. Verona is the city of art and history: our 2000 year old heritage is still visible today. All art styles can be seen: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern style. Our churches are museums, rich in frescoes, paintings and sculptures by italian artists such as Giotto’s followers, Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna, Titian and Paolo Veronese. Good food and wine in Verona: in the many restaurants and wine bars you can enjoy the excellent wines and typical products of our area: many red wines from Valpolicella and Valpantena (Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Superiore, Amarone, Recioto), wines from Lake Garda (Bardolino and Lugana) and Soave wines. Among our many specialities try the cheeses and salami from the Lessini mountains, the various rice dishes from the plains south of Verona, olive oil and fish from Lake Garda together with delicious local pasta and potato dumplings which are still cooked today following traditional recipes.