Tourist Guides of Verona

Verona gives a warm welcome and enchants the visitor immediately with its charming splendor. This is why, for centuries, kings, poets, painters and travelers came to visit and spent time in Verona. Although he never visited her, Shakespeare chose Verona for the setting of his most famous play: Romeo and Juliet. Verona is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, it is, most of all, a place that offer its guests a wide variety of historical, cultural, artistic, and natural heritage.

The city enjoys a unique geographic location, situated where main Northern Italy communication roads meet since Roman age. Verona beauty is also enhanced by the river Adige which graciously "embrace" the old town and by the hills and mountains that surround it. Not far from Verona the visitor will find lake Garda, Italian biggest lake, and Lessinia mountain range which extends to the north of the city. Each context is different and provides the visitor with a wide range of activities for entertainment and relaxation, from skiing to mountain biking, golf and horse riding.

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