Summer Theater Festival

For almost fifty years now, the Veronese summer has been animated by a whole series of events and shows that have been increasing in number and quality over time and that constitute what is now commonly called the Summer Theater Festival.

The Roman Theater

The heart of this series of events is the Roman Theater. On the hill overlooking the bend in the Adige river, where Verona was founded more than two thousand years ago. At the end of the 19th century, under simple buildings and a convent that had been erected there over the centuries, the theatre of Verona was discovered and brought back to light. Since then, restored and set up for the occasion, the Roman Theater has been the venue for the main events of the Veronese Summer Festival. The place is one of the oldest and most evocative of the entire city. In the evenings of the show, the traffic passing along the street just behind the stage is blocked and only the murmur of the Adige River acts as a soundtrack and the illuminated old town acts as a stage for the performances and concerts that are held. For the most famous artists, the Arena is used. In the past, the Roman amphitheater has seen performances by artists such as Santana and Keith Jarrett, guests of the Verona Jazz Festival. In recent years, then, the increasing and more diverse offer, has moved also in the cloisters of churches and squares of the center, the Old Market Courtyard in particular.

Verona Jazz Festival

It is held every year in summer at the Teatro Romano in Verona or, for the most popular artists, in the Arena. Spectators have the opportunity to watch, at absolutely affordable prices, internationally renowned artists on the jazz scene and new promises of this exciting musical genre.

Shakespearean Festival

Verona is the city of Juliet and Romeo, and Verona are the protagonists of other Shakespearean works such as The two gentlemen of Verona or The taming of the shrew. It is therefore only natural that the Shakespearean Festival, which brings the works of the Bard to the Scaliger city, should be held every year in summer in Verona. The fulcrum of the festival is the Roman Theater where national and international companies alternate, some of them of great fame and notoriety. However, thanks to the great charm of many views and locations of its historic center, all Verona can become a stage for tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare and over the years have been used cloisters of churches, courtyards of castles, medieval squares for the representation.

The Ballet

In addition to the Shakespeare Festival in Verona and the Verona Jazz Festival, a few years ago there was also a dance and ballet festival that brings on stage in the picturesque setting of the Roman theater some famous contemporary choreography, traditional dances from various European and non-European countries and classical ballet.

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